Ambassador program

Ambassador program

Become an Ambassador of AirGym.Family and earn pleasant bonuses with us!

AirGym.Family is looking for individuals that align with the lifestyle and values we built. Suppose you have a passion for a fitness lifestyle and enjoy our training. In that case, the Ambassador program allows you to get profit from something you love to do. 

Our simple purpose is to help the fitness community grow and expand while providing additional value to their members.

All you need is to:

  1. Create and post content on your platforms that will help to draw in potential members for ​AirGym.Family. 
  2. Leave a positive review at one of web platforms such as Google Maps, Tripadvisor, or Facebook. Sharing there your unique story about working out at our gym.

Students signed up for any membership card with your recommendations get a 500 baht discount for the first card. You are free to choose to use your credit of 500 baht for your next card or bring it to cash in hand.

You can promote AirGym.Family however you would like. There are no rules around how you do this.

Most of our ambassadors promote AirGym.Family by creating informative Instagram/Facebook stories and posts.

However, you can use any platforms you have! Share your success story with your friends in person. 

Once you are begun to be involved in improving your fitness growth, you can get recommendations from our trainers whenever you need it!

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