Advantages of Summer Camps

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Advantages of Summer Camps

Summer camps and other youth programs promote healthy living through exercise, confidence in problem-solving, teamwork, and better social skills. We want you to feel confident knowing your children are safe and happy during our summer youth programs. Our year-round youth programs and annual summer camps will have your children excited about learning a new sport or increasing skills at one they already love, developing new leadership abilities, and hanging out with their friends.

Read on for more information about the advantages of summer youth programs. Specifically, how they can physically and mentally help your child grow, learn healthy habits, and find a sport or activity they love.

Screen-Free Time

Advantages of Summer Camps

For better or worse, screens are everywhere we look, and our children are growing up in an age where less screen time probably isn’t a bad idea. Summer youth programs present an opportunity for your child to engage with the world around them without the necessity of screen-time. Any camp experience, physical activity, and problem-solving are much higher on the list than any screen-related activity.

Building Friendships

A classic storyline where two kids become best friends during summer camp is a reality. Our summer camps all focus on teamwork and team-building activities. And these are activities that promote the creation of those lasting friendships.

For many children, friendships are the key to building better social skills and feeling confident throughout their school years. Whether your child is signing up with a friend or coming alone, they will leave our camps with stronger friendships and new friends.

Building Character

Summer camps can build character and encourage personal growth. By helping children navigate social situations and learning how to make independent decisions, your child can build character. Allow your child to push past their comfort zone and take away key life lessons.

Our sports programs offer the chance for children to develop self-confidence, patience and increase self-esteem. We offer more than just a sports camp—we offer children a place to build themselves up and develop vital social skills that they need later in life.

Physical Development

We encourage physical activity in all of our summer camps. Consistent physical activity is crucial to young children’s health because it helps them develop healthier habits as they grow up. Our fitness experts and counselors help develop your child’s skills in sports. However, all activities also help them develop a healthy and fun relationship with sport.

Advantages of Summer Camps

Keeping Up With Learning Over Summer

Your child does more at school than just learn math, science, and English. They discover how to be independent, how to problem solve, and how to work in teams. Sound familiar? They can continue those learning at summer camp!
Many summer camps fill their schedules with activities that pursue personal growth. This often includes educational activities to help keep up with learning over the summer. Keeping up with learning over the summer is critical to their success during the following school year.

Provides a Safe Learning Space

A summer camp’s structure and activity schedule is a safe space for children to learn new skills and work on personal growth and development. Sometimes school can be overwhelming for a child, and while summer youth programs are structured, they can feel more relaxed to young children.
Camp experiences offer your child a safe space to learn and an opportunity to expand their interests, learn new skills, and find new pathways. Always do your homework on camp environments to ensure it matches your child’s needs—especially if they have any special needs requirements or planning.