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Aerial Arts or Fitness?

Sports are an essential part of the lifestyle of a modern person. Regular exercise can help you:

  • lose extra weight, 
  • tone your muscles,
  • tighten your body,
  • improve your overall well-being, mood, and health. 

Also, sports activities build self-confidence, perseverance, endurance, and growth in other areas.

A lot of sports turn physical activity from a heavy-duty into a pleasant lifetime spending. You can try several sports options and choose the one that suits your liking. The highest popularity today is fitness. But you can select your one from a vast list. Now we would like to tell you about aerial acrobatics (Aerial Arts). 

Let’s see what the advantages of these sports are and which one should be preferred.

Features of fitness and aerial acrobatics

Fitness is the direction of sports and health-improving physical culture, which consists of performing complex aerobic exercises, often with musical accompaniment. The goal of fitness is to improve the physical condition, health and be fit. Fitness allows you to lose weight, build muscle, and improve endurance. You don’t need to have any special physical power for the beginning. There are no age restrictions in it either. Everyone can do basic exercises. 

Aerial acrobatics is a form of circus art. You perform various acrobatics exercises in the air by using special equipment (aerial silks, aerial sling, aerial hoop, etc.). All this equipment is turning, going up and down, and students are doing some tricks. The hoop rotates, aerial silks and sling are fabric dropped from the ceiling. So you can do various exercises, getting the feeling of flying above the ground. 

Such exercises, like fitness, shape the figure and develop all muscle groups. Since you are not limited by the floor surface and are stretching under your weight, progress is much faster than traditional stretching. You can do aerial acrobatics at any age and even participate in competitions in this sport.

So, what is the difference?

The effect of fitness and aerial arts is approximately the same, but there are several significant differences between them:

  • fitness is a relatively standard set of exercises, while in aerial acrobatics, there are many elements of different complexity and used inventory, and you can be more creative;
  • Through long-term fitness classes, you increase the volume of muscle mass. While in aerial acrobatics grows mostly muscle strength;
  • fitness is a classic sport, but aerial acrobatics is also an art. It develops your grace, flexibility, musicality, artistry. And it allows you to control inner fears.

How to decide?

When choosing a suitable activity, you need to decide on your own goals and preferences. Suppose you merely only need regular physical activity to maintain a good figure. In that case, fitness can do it quite well.

When classic fitness exercises seem dull and want to try something new and unusual, you should pay attention to air acrobatics. It gives a noticeable effect and a unique learning experience.