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How to do sports with the whole family?

Sport is healthy. Involving your family in the sport makes your relations stronger. 
It could be that moment that is united all family by a shared hobby. 
So, how can you make your loved ones’ lifestyle more active? 

Set the Right Example for Children

To get children interested in sports, parents must get involved in sports themselves. Only by your example children will get the right attitude to sports and get carried away by it. 

When parents start the day with a workout, their children are automatically involved in family activities.

Fit sport naturally in your life

Make sport an organic part of your life. It is not necessary to immediately bring children to specialized classes. Include sports games in your weekend plans. It can be anything: family trips to the pool, trampoline center, climbing wall, or horse center will not only keep you and your kids in shape but will also give your family a lot of fun.

Engage your child in activities that interest you

If you enjoy playing football, get your child involved in these activities. Play football in the yard, explains the game’s rules to your son or daughter. Tell them what you like about this sport and what you need to do to succeed in it.

Seeing your interest in a particular sport, the child will pick up your initiative and join the “your team.”

For example, during a bicycle ride, a child sitting in a child seat will, at some point, want to “push the pedals” himself – feel free to buy a bike for your son or daughter.

How to start

If you are not into sports but want to make it part of your family’s life, start from the child’s interests. Psychologists recommend offering the child a choice – take him to 2-3 types of different activities, and then find out what he liked the most. 

We recommend starting with general strengthening sports, which will be easy for you to support the whole family in the future. These sports can be swimming, gymnastics or yoga, dancing. While your child is engaged in a group with a coach, take an individual lesson for yourself – over time, joint sports will become your family tradition.