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Regular physical activity. Discipline, missed lessons, and long breaks

Why are we starting to go to a gym or bring our kids to the dance or sports classes? The most common reasons are:

  • be modern
  • to gain muscles 
  • weight loss
  • be fit and healthy 
  • develop flexibility and correct posture 
  • to socialize 
  • learn how to dance 

Whatever your motivation for doing sports, you will anyway wanna get the maximum results. Efficiency depends on regularity, cyclicity, and systematic increase in load.

Most people don’t understand it. You should have a plan for your training and follow it. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the exercises, reducing significantly. Also, classes must be accomplished to a training plan, agreed, or planned by a professional. This is not about every single workout, but about a training system with a different focus and varying load levels over the long term (month, season, and year). Once the body gets used to the rhythm, the effectiveness of the training is much higher.

What happens when you or your child skips class?

  • no progress, development of your body stops;
  • the previously achieved level of fitness decreases;
  • the balance between energy spending and calories is disturbed;
  • Skipping learning specific movements increase the risk of injury;

The minimal number of training is 2-3 times per week. So, the exercise once a week is the same as you do not train ever.

What to do if your child got sick and missed training?

After a sickness, many parents do not take their children to classes for a long time because they are still weak. This is often the wrong decision. Usually, after any disease, a trainer gives the child a comfortable rhythm and more easy exercises. And this allows a kid to effectively return the lost physical condition. Do not forget what a vast role physical activity plays in forming the body’s immunity and endurance.

A correct, balanced attitude to training will help form the human body’s the truly physical culture in the broadest sense of the word.