Zumba for kids. What is it, and for what?

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Zumba for kids. What is it, and for what?

Zumba Kids is a popular class that combines elements of dance and aerobics. With their favorite music accompaniment, kids learn to move, listen to the rhythm, exercise their bodies, and improve their health. Zumba benefits their physical growth, also protects from many problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Besides, Zumba is fun.

As a dance fitness direction, Zumba appeared nine years ago in Colombia. It blends the most popular and effective dance moves for body workout.

Every parent looks for either a suitable sports center or a dance school for their child. Zumba for children is an excellent alternative to professional sports and dancing. 

How are Zumba Kids classes working?

There is always a friendly atmosphere. It helps kids to relax and enjoy lessons. It is the main difference to other sports classes, where there has to be more strong discipline. Kids develop new movements with a comfortable atmosphere and after classes going home happy. 

The class consists of warming up, learning new movements, understanding joins in it, and checking the learned material. Together, this perfectly develops attentiveness and memory.

In the Zumba class, the child learns how to work in a team, forming a collective spirit. And also, they study to take responsibility to get the job done to the end. Zumba develops diligence.

Kids are very active and energetic. So, that is very important to focus their energies in the right direction. Zumba is a good option where they can express their feelings.

The benefits of Zumba for kids:

Like all sports activities for a child, Zumba is useful for the harmonious development of a growing body.

  • The cardiovascular system and respiratory organs are trained.
  • All muscle groups develop, even posture.
  • The movements become more agile and flexible. The kids learn to control their bodies, which is useful in everyday life. They will be able to avoid injury from falls and other unpleasant events.
  • Improved coordination of movements.
  • Fine motor skills are trained.

In addition to the physical health benefits, Zumba is beneficial for the development of a harmonious personality.

  • It develops creative thinking and artistry. The child learns to show imagination.
  • The kids develop their communication skills by interacting with other children. And they make new friends.
  • By getting some success, the child’s self-esteem rises. They learn to respect yourself and love their own body.
  • It develops “an ear for music.” Kids learn to listen to music and move in rhythm.

Features of Zumba for kids

There is no heavy load during training. These fitness activities are enjoyable, healthy, and have a low-stress level.

Classes are held in a playful way to keep the child’s interest. Children learn to work in a team and show their creativity.

Experienced trainers operate classes. So all training programs are structured by the psychological and physiological characteristics of children.

Each lesson is conventionally divided into four parts. In the beginning, a warm-up is required with stretching exercises. It is necessary to prepare the student for the fundamental elements of the program. Then the trainer shows the movements, the children repeat and master them. Further, activities are performed to the music. In the final part of the lesson, stretching exercises with elements of breathing are used to relax.

Zumba exercises improve health, coordination, and flexibility. It is also an opportunity to spend time with like-minded people and make new friends. If you want your children to develop comprehensively and have a good time, bring them to the exercise at the AirGym.Family Center!