Recommended dress code

  • All Aerial classes: Long stretchy pants, t-shirt to cover armpits, barefoot
  • Circus Fit Men, Handstand: Comfortable pants or shorts, T-shirt to cover armpits, barefoot, wrist wraps
  • Pole Sport or Pole Dance: Short shorts, sleeveless tank top, barefoot
  • High heels: Free choice – comfortable clothing, barefoot or high heels
  • Contemporary, Modern Dance, Model Maker and Ballet: Stretchy, comfortable clothing, barefoot or ballet shoes
  • Hip-hop, Kpop, Jazz Funk, Silver Beats, Dance Foundation, Afrobeat: Free choice – comfortable, breathable clothing, sports shoes
  • Stretching, Deep stretching: Stretchy clothes, comfortable top, barefoot
  • Fitness classes (FBW, Stepperton): Comfortable clothes, sport shoes
  • Gymnastics, Acrobatics: Stretchy, comfortable clothing, barefoot unless there are specific shoes for certain styles