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Circus Fit Men

Circus Fit Men Class

Introducing Circus Fit Men: a dynamic blend of strength, balance, and grace, drawing from aerial rope, handstand, aerial straps, and gymnastic rings. Tailored for men aged 14 and up, this program offers an exciting dive into the realm of circus-inspired fitness.

Experience the Physical Benefits:
💪 Build impressive upper body and core strength
💫 Enhance flexibility, balance, and coordination
🤸‍♂️ Master the art of handstands and aerial techniques

Circus Fit Men welcomes participants of all ages, providing a versatile and invigorating workout. Whether you’re a teen or a seasoned adult, our program caters to all skill levels. There are no age restrictions – only boundless opportunities to explore your physical potential and embrace the spirit of the circus.

Step into the world of Circus Fit Men, where fitness intertwines with artistry, and redefine what your body is capable of. Unleash your inner acrobat and embark on a fitness journey that’s as thrilling as it is empowering.

Dress comfortably for Circus Fit Men with sweat pants or breathable leggings and shorts, ensuring ease of movement during your dynamic workouts. Opt for socks or go barefoot to enhance your grip and flexibility. Additionally, consider wearing wrist wraps for added support and protection during exercises. Get ready to push your limits in style!

Kindly arrive on time for all classes, at least 5 minutes before their scheduled start. Not receiving a proper instructor-led warm-up can lead to potential health and safety risks. Participants arriving late to the class may be denied participation at the instructor’s discretion. Additionally, please ensure you are wearing proper attire as mentioned in the dress code provided.


  • Minimal age: 14 years old
  • Maximum age: no limit
  • Experience: intermediate

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