Dance Foundation

Dance Foundation Class

The class supports beginner and non-experienced people who want to start dancing and join our other dance choreography classes, such as Hiphop, High Heels, Lady Style, Afrobeat & Dancehall, or any other dance classes. Dance foundation class provides you the elements that you need to know before taking other choreography classes, such as

  • Musicality: how to count, when to start counting, what is the rhythm and tempo.
  • Body Isolation: how to move your major and minor muscles, the ability of your body and muscles, what to do and what not to do in dancing.
  • Footwork & steps: how to transfer weight, the footwork steps with names commonly used for any style of dancing.
  • Groove: how to dance naturally, feel the music, and control your breath while dancing.
  • Coordination: how to include everything above into dance choreography or routine, following the sample exercise of the choreography classes.

You will feel more confident about yourself by joining other group classes. If you need help knowing where to start or how to practice dancing, this is the class that we recommend for you. Because everyone can dance, you just need to start!


  • Minimum age: 14
  • Maximum age: no limits
  • Experience: Beginner

Recommended to combine with next classes:

Dance Foundation Class
Dance Foundation Class
Dance Foundation Class

Goals to:

  1. Understand musicality and be able to count along with the music
  2. Learn how to move your body and muscles along with the music.
  3. Know the basic footwork steps that are used worldwide.
  4. Understand the groove used for any dancing style with the music.
  5. Coordinate your own body & muscles along with the music. 
  6. Understand the phrases or words used in dancing class.
  7. Be ready to join the choreography dance class.


There are 8 hours recommended for beginners. The schedule is looped and restarted every month. So It is recommended that new students jump into the program anytime you’re available.

This program includes 4 weeks of training, 2 hours a week, as per below:

  • Week 1 – Musicality & Body Isolation training
  • Week 2 – Musicality & Footwork training
  • Week 3 – Musicality & Groove training
  • Week 4 – Coordination exercise routine

What to wear

  • A comfortable shirt.
  • Any flexible pants or shorts
  • Training shoes, or sneakers is a must (no barefoot, or only socks)

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