Air Gym Policy and Etiquette

General information

  1. Air Family Gym does not offer free classes on a regular basis. All complimentary classes or workshops are pre-scheduled as special events or promotions by Air Family Gym and marked distinctly.
  2. Any new attendee may try 15min of a class free of charge. If the attendee wishes to continue after that, the attendee will then be charged for the class per the original price, unless there are promotions running on that date.
  3. Cards 10hrs / 20hrs / 30hrs /40hrs / 50hrs / 100hrs
    • All group membership cards are valid for 12 month from the date of issue
    • No extensions
    • The cards might be used for family and friends
    • Can be forwarded to a third party in case the member who purchased it can not use it anymore for whatever reason

Special Conditions

  • If Air Family Gym can’t provide their service due to unpredictable circumstances, all cards will be extended for that period, or the customer will be refunded according to the hours left on their card.
  • If the customer leaves Samui / Thailand before their card has been used, there is no refund. The customer has the choice of passing on the card to a friend or family member.

Special promotions

  • The duration of any promotion offered by AIR Family Gym will be clearly stated and cannot be extended.
  • If there are multiple promotions running at the same time, conditions of these promotions are not to be summed, unless stated that way.
  • Information about all running promotions can be clearly delivered by the AIR Family Gym administration only.

Group classes attendance policy

  1. Kindly arrive on time for all classes. Not receiving a proper instructor lead warm-up can lead to potential health and safety risks. Participants arriving after the start of class may not be allowed to participate at the instructors’ discretion. 
  2. For safety considerations, classes may be limited based on space and availability of equipment.
  3. Please always have a fresh sports towel and water in a sealed container with you at each session- no glass containers are allowed in the gym. 
  4. If you have any health concerns, please consult a physician before attending a class.
  5. Work out at an intensity that is comfortable for your level. Classes are not to be seen as a competition- we encourage you to work towards personal goals.
  6. Please be respectful towards the instructor and fellow participants by adhering to the routine of the instructor.
  7. Follow the instructors’ lead. Any injuries caused by neglecting the instructors’ commands and/or not informing us about any health issues/medical conditions will be the sole responsibility of the participant, and AIR Family Gym will not be liable for such cases.
  8. Participants are responsible for the security and safety of their personal belongings at all times.
  9. Please come dressed in appropriate workout attire. See the attached list of “recommended dress code.”
  10. Classes may be subdued and/or canceled if the attendance is consistently low for the current month. If the class participation drops to less than 3 participants for 3 consecutive classes, the class may be replaced or canceled, in which case Air Family Gym will inform all participants beforehand.

Detailed dress code recommendations for:

  • Aerial Yoga, Sling, Silks, and Hoop: Long stretchy pants, t-shirt to cover armpits, barefoot
  • Pole Sport or Pole Dance: Short shorts, sleeveless tank top, barefoot
  • Pole X: Short shorts, sleeveless tank top, barefoot or high heels
  • Lady Style, High Heels, K-Pop: Free choice- comfortable clothing, barefoot or high heels
  • Contemporary, modern dance and Ballet: Stretchy, comfortable clothing, barefoot or ballet shoes
  • Hip hop, Street dance, Zumba: Free choice- comfortable, breathable clothing, sports shoes, or barefoot
  • Twerk, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Striptease: Free choice- comfortable, breathable clothing, sports shoes, or barefoot unless there are specific shoes for certain styles.
  • Stretching: Stretchy pants, comfortable top, barefoot.
  • Power classes (FBW, Fitball): Comfortable clothes, sport shoes
  • Gymnastics, Acrobatics, and Arm Balance: Stretchy, comfortable clothing, barefoot unless there are specific shoes for certain styles
  • Street dance: Baggy pants and breathable shirt, sneakers
  • Afrobeat: Free choice-comfortable, breathable clothing, sports shoes, or barefoot
  • Twerk: Short shorts, Free choice-comfortable outfit, knee pads or knees high socks, and sports shoes
  • Exotic dance: Free choice Sexy and flexible outfit, high heels or barefoot, knee pads(optional)
  • Dancehall: Free choice-comfortable, breathable clothing, sports shoes, or barefoot
  • Popping, Locking, R&B Choreography: Free choice-comfortable, breathable clothing, and sports shoes
  • Magic Mike: Baggy pants, Tank top/ topless or comfortable shirt, sport shoes

Booking/ Cancellation Policy

  1. We kindly ask you to sign up for all classes prior to the day of the scheduled class. This is to ensure that our instructors have enough time to design the most effective training routine according to the number and level of attending participants. 
  2. A minimum attendance of 2 people is required for class to take place.  Please kindly book all of your week’s classes by Sunday. If you are unable to book in advance, please try to do so at least 4 hours before the class starts. Attendance cannot be guaranteed for sign-ups less than 4 hours before the start of class.
  3. To avoid penalties, please cancel your bookings a minimum of 4 hours before the start of class. Participants will be charged in full for each late canceled or not canceled class. If you are unexpectedly sick text us any way that you are not able to attend, in this case class is not charged.
  4. If your weekly plan is not stated you can always book last minute, but your attendance is not guaranteed as all spots might be occupied. Just text us and check it out.