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★★★★★ 4.9 (41 reviews)
★★★★★ 4.9 (18 reviews)

★★★★★ 4.9 (45 reviews)
★★★★ 4.4 (7 reviews)

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Knomtan Sawatpakdee AirGym.Family

The best studio in Samui. All the instructors are very good, friendly and nice ! Especially Valentin, he is the best !

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Jb Sundiam AirGym.Family

This is the great and perfect place to become physically healthy and to relieve yourself from all the stress. plus it has a lot of benefit to each of us since were not just becoming fit and healty but also a lot of knowledge to be learn from it

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Daria Mis AirGym.Family

Both my kids attend this studio and both like it) best coaches and really great time for kids. After one months of attendance they have good results and many more friends) thank you air!

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Svetlana Bogdanova AirGym.Family

I was really surprised about the highest quality of dance lessons there! My daughter learned ballet dance there and made such a great progress in a short period of time! She loved this school and the lessons. Thanks to the all dear school team, to our beautiful teacher Julia!

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Patcharin Nerone AirGym.Family

Great school! Excellent facilities and friendly instructors! Recommended to any family that is interested to send their child for fun, healthy activities!

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Alison Atkin AirGym.Family

Love this studio! You will have lots of fun and improve skills and fitness at the same time. Lots of classes to choose from for little kids, teenagers and adults! Highly recommend!

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Katy Vasileva AirGym.Family

Вожу дочку на балет и гимнастику. Ей очень нравится, хотя она очень привередливая:). Преподаватели замечательные. За почти месяц посещений очень прибавила в танцах.

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I drive my daughter to ballet and gymnastics. She really likes, although she is very finicky :). The teachers are wonderful. For almost a month of visits, she really gained in dancing.

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Mari Galtseva AirGym.Family

Я посетила занятие по pole dance. Впечатления только положительные! Сам танец очень сложный, но преподаватель Алеся все время подбадривала, помогала и была очень внимательна ко всем ученикам. С удовольствием еще вернусь к ней)))
А еще радует, что в студии есть душ (в некоторых спорт-залах Самуи его нет! Это крайне не удобно!), и есть возможность не мчаться домой, чтобы привезти себя в порядок, а сделать это на месте)))

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I attended a pole dance class. Impressions are only positive! The dance itself is very complex, but the teacher Alesia constantly encouraged, helped and was very attentive to all students. With pleasure I will return to her)))
And she’s also glad that there is a shower in the studio (it’s not at all in some Samui sports halls! It’s extremely inconvenient!), And there’s an opportunity not to rush home to bring yourself in order, but to do it on the spot)))

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Tatyana Chernishova AirGym.Family

I go the third month. I started with pole dance, but I can’t be stopped already: stretch, zumba, and all because each member of the team charges and motivates me to become better. Thanks guys, you are cool!

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Maxim Tumanenko AirGym.Family

I recommend to everyone this cosy studio with wonderful staff. My child especially likes the Aerial Silks lessons. recommend that all parents visit this studio with their children.