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★★★★★ 4.9 (41 reviews)
★★★★★ 4.9 (18 reviews)

★★★★★ 4.9 (45 reviews)
★★★★ 4.4 (7 reviews)

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Polina Lipina AirGym.Family

Regular exercise is a must for all of us yet motivating ourselves is not always easy, signing up for regular classes with pro trainers seems to be the best way to get into the good habbit.
Much better than exercising alone at home. Small groups at the studio make exercise more fun and there is still plenty of feedback from the teacher. This feedback, comments and correctiong are very important when it comes to pushing yourself further with what you are able to do physically. Being under supervision of a pro gives you peace of mind that you are not going to do your body any harm like damage the joints or pull a muscle.
It has only been a few months but i can see more progress than in the previous two years of exercising alone at home. Im glad that i have found this studio with tutors who have the knowledge and responsibility to assist me in staying fit and achieving good results like doing the splits properly and keeping the body strong, flexible and fit.
Today is our lovely Kathi’s birthday, id like to thank you Kathi for being a wonderful attentive instructor (sometimes tough and strict), happy birthday Kathi!

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Maria AirGym.Family

A Great project! Many interesting activities for adults and children. A good team of teachers, all true professionals! Wonderful atmosphere! There are no analogues in Koh Samui!

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Ari Silver AirGym.Family

I’m so impressed with Air Wellfit. It is a dream come true to have found this clean and comfortable well-equipped studio in a nice and quiet location. The teachers are kind and friendly, as well as extremely talented and completely professional. I would recommend this studio to anyone who wants interesting and useful classes with very high quality instruction.

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Yulia Erofeeva AirGym.Family

Very professional school ran by a lovely and friendly team. So nice to see such happy students enjoying their hobby. Happiness & healthy life wait for you with the AIR-team. Thank you, guys. I love you

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Jb Sundiam AirGym.Family

great place, excellent environment, great and awesome trainors and instructors really perfect for dance and fitness activities!!💪

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jb sundiam AirGym.Family

great service and very entertaining since the air wellfit teaches variety of genres of dances and is choreograph superbly and the teachers/mentors not just educate their students in dancing but also the discpline and proper conduct and additionally creates a healthy environments for each individual to develop their mental, physical and social health

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Chris Muay Thai Academy AirGym.Family

Great Instructors and I would say best place on Samui to go for dance classes.
I did HipHop & Contemporary

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Konstantin Tchernoivan AirGym.Family

Very nice dancing/fitness studio. It’s recommended for every one. Both kids and adults will find something interesting in there. I liked stretching exercises a lot. Was fun to try pole dancing :-). Even a normal tourist like me who stays on the island only few weeks will find this studio great and most likely will continue similar exercises after vacation 🙂

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Asya Siam AirGym.Family

Great teachers, comfortable training rooms, always clean! The teachers care about safety and pay attention to every students in group. I really enjoy training here!