Our Teachers

Our Teachers


OuRi began his dance journey as a professional dancer at the age of 15, swiftly transitioning into a choreographer for the Thai entertainment industry at just 18. His versatile skill set encompasses a wide array of dance styles, from Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Dance, and Contemporary Dance to Cha Cha and Rumba. OuRi boasts a solid background in theater performing arts, actively participating in Musicals while showcasing his impressive vocal talents.

In addition to his remarkable achievements, OuRi is known for his open-minded, kind, and exceptionally friendly demeanor. In his class, participants are encouraged to express themselves freely. OuRi infuses each session with creativity, musicality, endless energy, and his trademark Thai smile, ensuring a delightful and enriching experience for all.

Adding to his diverse offerings, OuRi teaches Kpop, Hip Hop, High Heels, Jazz Funk, Silver Beats, Stepperton, Afrobeat Ballet 7+, Ballet Fit, and Contemporary classes. Each class is an opportunity to explore various dance genres under the guidance of a seasoned and passionate instructor.

But, rather than taking our word for it, we invite you to book OuRi’s class and discover the magic for yourself. As we always say, “Don’t just dream it, BE IT.”

Our Teachers


Janny embarked on her dance journey with a four-year stint at Burapha University, specializing in Western Dance within the Music and Performing Arts Faculty. Post-graduation, she brought her talents to Club Med Kabira in Japan, serving as a choreographer.

Her exceptional ability to connect with children stems from her kind and engaging personality, making her a beloved teacher. Janny’s teaching forte extends to guiding individuals of all ages in synchronizing their movements with music, particularly suitable for children taking their first steps in dance or aerial arts.

Venturing into aerial arts, Janny joined airgym.family in 2022, rapidly progressing to become a confident and high-level aerial sling (hammock) teacher. Not content with her achievements, she currently dedicates time to training in pole and silks, showcasing a relentless commitment to skill enhancement and a profound passion for aerial arts.

In addition to her current classes, which encompass ballet for ages 3 and above, Janny offers beginner and intermediate aerial sling sessions. Her dynamic approach to teaching, coupled with her continuous pursuit of excellence, defines Janny as a dedicated and inspiring figure in the world of dance and aerial arts.

Our Teachers


Kathi is a master-level trainer in Aerial Arts, Pole sport, fitness, and flexibility classes. Willing to change your body and mindset – Kathi is the right choice.
Meet Kathi, our dynamic instructor and movement nerd. Armed with a medical degree in physiotherapy, she boasts over 30 years of dance experience in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip-hop. A former production dancer, choreographer, and stage manager in entertainment, Kathi transitioned to fitness in 2000s, earning titles in fitness competitions. Fueled by a passion for biomechanics, she mastered aerial arts in just 5 years, ascending to the ranks of a high-level circus arts coach. Beyond her expertise, Kathi is dedicated to coaching students with medical conditions, correctional training, and aiding in recovery after accidents and injuries. Currently, she is captivated by aerial straps, pole, and aerial pole.

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Meet Daria, our dedicated aerial silks teacher who embarked on her aerial arts journey in 2015, evolving from a seasoned fitness instructor with a wealth of experience in movement and teaching. With a Miss Olympia title in fitness competition representing Greece, Daria transitioned from weight lifting to aerial arts, becoming an advanced performer and an exceptional aerial teacher. Her passion for drops and fast spins adds a dynamic flair to her teaching style, making her an invaluable part of our team since day one.

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Should you possess a zeal for philosophy, you may find a kindred spirit in his approach, as it embodies a quest for understanding the nature of being through the language of the body.

A dedicated practitioner and perpetual student of Dance and kinetic expression, He has an intense obsession of utilizing movement as a conduit for thoughts and concepts. The Mind body connection is his primary focal point, and through that aperture his practices focus on efficient body movements.

He has had the most experience exploring Hand balance, Aerial Straps, Performative Stage, and Muay Thai. The individual techniques mastered within the realms of hand balance, straps and performance are versatile and can be adapted across various disciplines.

If you are eager to discover the full potential of the body, If you can envision a symphony of instruments waiting for its skillfully orchestrated director through the transformative power of your mind, then Enlong could be the ideal partner in your journey of artistic and physical exploration.

Hand balance : 3000+ hours
Aerial straps : 1000+ hours
Muay Thai : 1000+ hours
Performative stage: 500+ hours

Our Teachers


Meet Koa Taylor, a multifaceted instructor whose journey began amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Maui, Hawaii. Raised in an environment where nature and the ocean were his playground, Koa’s upbringing was imbued with a deep connection to movement and adventure. From surfing and free diving to climbing trees and dirt biking, Koa’s early years were a testament to his innate love for exploration and physical expression.

It was amidst the sandy shores of Maui where Koa’s journey into the world of performance truly began. Experimenting with a fire staff, he found a unique connection with the flames, igniting a passion for dance and movement. Encountering a pole at a party sparked impromptu sessions of playful exploration, leading Koa down a path of aerial arts and pole performance.

Now, Koa aspires to share his passion with the world as a globetrotting performer, blending his love for fire, aerial arts, and pole into mesmerizing performances that aim to inspire audiences worldwide.

Koa’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled. As a dedicated student of airgym.family, he immersed himself in training, spending countless hours honing his skills. Through dedication and hard work, Koa progressed through the trainee program, mastering pole sport, acrobatics, and stretching techniques.

Today, Koa stands as one of our esteemed instructors, sharing his wealth of knowledge and passion with students at airgym.family. His classes in pole sport, acrobatics, and stretching are infused with his infectious energy and unwavering commitment to helping others discover their full potential.

Join Koa on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment as you explore the world of movement and performance under his expert guidance.

Our Teachers


Meet Teacher Eve, a dedicated teacher with a passion for flexibility, nurturing young minds, and conquering new heights in pole sport and aerial arts. With a background rooted in her university cheerleading days, Eve learned firsthand the importance of flexibility and mobility, sparking her journey into the world of stretching and movement.

After graduating, Eve’s commitment to flexibility led her to Hoyhon studio, where she honed her skills and deepened her understanding of the body’s potential. In 2022, she found her calling at Bright Up Kids, where she thrived in teaching English and Mathematics while delighting in the energy and curiosity of her young students.

On her journey, she’s also enrolled in the Airgym.family trainee program, learning from our teachers and preparing to share her knowledge with the world.

Now, as she delves into acrobatics, pole sport and aerial arts, Eve’s passion for strength training is propelling her towards leading full-body workout classes, inspiring others to push their limits and reach new heights alongside her.

Our Teachers


Meet Teacher Ploy Nonthicha Mutusit, a multifaceted educator with a diverse background in communication arts and a passion for dance. Graduating from Bangkok University’s Faculty of Communication Arts, Ploy’s journey into the world of movement began at the age of 17 when she auditioned for the prestigious To Be Number One dance team, igniting her fascination with dance and theatrical arts.

Throughout her journey, Ploy has immersed herself in various facets of theater, including writing, directing, production, and stage structure, enriching her understanding of storytelling and performance. Since 2019, she has found her rhythm in musical theater, seamlessly blending her passion for dance with her love for theatrical expression.

Enrolled in the Airgym.family trainee program, Ploy’s rapid progression in pole sport and aerial arts is nothing short of impressive. With each session, she hones her skills and refines her technique, propelling herself towards mastery at an astonishing pace. Soon, Ploy will be sharing her expertise as she steps into the role of teaching pole and aerial classes, inspiring others with her dynamic energy and unwavering dedication.

In addition to her pole and aerial classes, Ploy will also be leading exciting dance sessions, including hip hop, kids K-pop, and high heels foundation, providing students of all ages with a diverse and enriching dance experience.

Our Teachers


Tanya Fedan has dedicated her life to the arts, beginning her journey at the age of three with ballet and gymnastics. She attended the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, specializing in dance and majoring in styles such as modern, contemporary, jazz, choreography, and ballet.

Throughout her formative years, Tanya’s commitment to her craft was unwavering. She attended summer intensives at institutions like the Boston Ballet and Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, expanding her repertoire with annual appearances in classics like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake.

With fifteen years of ballet experience, she ventured into aerial arts in 2021, starting with the aerial sling before transitioning to aerial silks under the mentorship of AirGym.family.

Drawing from her dance background, Tanya approaches every performance with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each moment on stage is mesmerizing. As her journey in circus arts continues, she has become a highly skilled circus artist, teaching classes in Pole Sport, Aerial Silks Beginners, and Aerial Silks All Levels, sharing her expertise and passion with aspiring performers.