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Petch is a K-pop and hip-hop teacher, and she likes sensual styles. 

Petch used to compete in K-pop competitions in Bangkok in the past. She got to the national level in the senior team competition by attending a big event to be number one in Thailand and be number one in southern Thailand, winning in Phuket! 

Petch is currently teaching K-Pop, Hip Hop, and Zumba kids – her teaching is enjoyable, there will be some games to play during her dance classes, and you’ll improve your dance skills simultaneously.



Vivi had found dancing my passion in 2009, starting with breakdancing with the street boys in Bangkok.
After she got to know the street dance community, Vivi started learning Hip-hop, Popping, Locking, House, Dancehall, Afrobeat, and Krump and became very good at it.
In 2013, she used all perfectly-gained skills well with the booty-shaking, aka TWERK, in a few music videos.
After Vivi started to get invited to judge national and international dance competitions as a performer and a judge and became well-known in Bangkok and South-East Asia dance communities.
Vivi became an excellent dance teacher from 2009 onwards. Wanna enjoy a variety of street dance culture?-train with Vivi.


Hi everyone! This is Nadi, Perpetuum mobile!
She has been dancing for over 12 years. During this time, Nadi participated in various competitions across Thailand, winning top spots in To Be Number 1 in Phuket Century Cover Dance in Bangkok and coaching for MBK Cover Dance 2020, where her team became finalists.

Nadi has been with us since October 2020 and gained a seamless reputation of being an endless source of energy supported by great charm and excellent teaching skills. All students love Nadi. She is currently responsible for all kinds of exciting styles for our students, such as K-pop, Hip-hop, Lady style, High heels, and Zumba Fit. Nadi enjoys all types of dance but is incredibly passionate about hip-hop because it’s awesome and expressive! We hope to see you guys soon to learn exceptional dance routines together in class!


This is Fai. And she is very entertaining.

Fai is responsible for dance styles like Street dance, K-pop, and Hip-hop. 

Attending her classes, you will learn the basics of street dancing, where students learn about two-step, body waves, bounce, isolation, and movements.

You’ll also learn about K-pop personalities when dancing and how to attract the audience. 

 Her favorite dance style is street dance.

 Break Dance, Popping, Locking, Hip Hop, and Lady style allow you to create new and unique choreography and express your individuality.

Be it a child or an adult, you can come and have fun with us! If you want to improve your dancing and dream of becoming a good dancer, join Fai!


Inna is a real aerial monster. She can do everything.

From aerial sling to aerial hoop.

Her aerial journey started with Pole sport and Pole dance. 

Being experienced in fitness and flexibility, as performing contortion stunts, Inna was very interested in trying something new and exciting. After a few years of pole training, Inna became well-known in the aerial community in Russia.

Inna performed and taught in circuses and gyms in the USA, Russia, and Hong Kong.

She got a solid background in conditioning and flexibility practices and helped many students improve their flexibility and strength levels and overall health and fitness.

Inna is responsible for the aerial sling, silks, hoop, pole sport, pole dance, contortion, and deep stretching classes.

She is able to motivate her students and keep them improving and enjoying their results. Inna is very social, supportive, and detailed when guiding her students through their fitness and aerial journeys.


Meet our teacher, Cheir, the strong guy. The GUY.

Cheir has worked with us since 2019 and recommended himself as a top-rated teacher for kids’ and adults’ strength, sports gymnastics, acrobatics, and arm balances classes. 

Cheir has a solid background in fitness, graduating from the physical education faculty in Bangkok.

He is well known in Koh Samui, being for many years a trusted fitness and Personal trainer coach in different gyms around the island.

Cheir is very supportive, kind, and attentive to his students. No worries about injuries or accidents. Coach Cheir will always catch you on time and see if your techniques need to be corrected.


Meet kru Praew, classical dance, flexibility, and lyrical styles teacher.
She had 15 years of experience teaching ballet and Traditional Thai Dancing, along with degree “Ballet Syllabus RAD Advanced 2.”
Preaw Is currently responsible for ballet level 2, stretching kids, and ballet fit classes.
Praew also used to work as a dancer for many Famous Thai Artists, Film Industries, TV Commercials, and Theater. Teacher Praew is always very engaging and motivating when teaching her students, kids, or adults. She will bring the best out of her students to become more assertive and confident in themself.


Jenny’s dance story started with graduating 4 years at Burapha University in “Western dance major Music and performing art faculty.” After graduation, she had work experience in the choreographer position in Club Med Kabira in Japan. 

Jenny is excellent with kids. She wins her students’ hearts straight away with her incredibly kind and engaging personality.

Jenny can teach anyone to move along with the music.

She is the best teacher for your children if they have just started their dancing or gymnastics journey.

Her current classes are rhythmic gymnastics, ballet beginners, and contemporary dance.


Q is fun, Q is energy. He is very good with kids and teenagers. Q got into the dance industry more than 10 years ago. Q choreographed the various events for the university he is currently studying at. He believes that every dance has its own beauty. Currently, Q teaches Hip-hop, whacking, street jazz, K-pop dance classes.

He especially likes whacking. Q thinks this style expresses his personality the best.


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