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Calisthenics-based family fitness center

At present, the fitness industry is flourishing around the world.
When people hear the word “fitness,” the first thoughts are about sports, a healthy body, nutrition, and the gym! Gym with machines, heavy equipment, dumbbells, and barbells.


All our classes and exercises use only bodyweight. They consist of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. It has been a significant fitness component in athletics and daily fitness workouts without equipment. Using bodyweight exercises fewer risks of injuries compared to training with extra weights.

Always with instructors

All kinds of calisthenic exercises you can do at home, without any problem. But you have to know how to do that correctly. Better to get the right techniques for practices and improve their levels with professional trainers. That’s why each training in AirGym.Family goes with a qualified instructor, and your workout will be more efficient. No more worrying about which exercises to do, are you doing the exercise correctly, or even how many reps and sets to do. And also, instructors motivate you to attend regularly and follow up on your progress.

Balanced proper programs

To get maximum results with training, you need to have some profound knowledge about exercises and routines. Also, you need to know when to train specific muscle groups and when to rest. Based on professional experience, our qualified instructors build balanced training programs. All programs include warming up all muscle groups, joints, and tendons before increasing the load and involving each muscle group step-by-step with almost personal attention.
You have lower risks of injuries following the professional trainer’s instructions. Our instructors give the best exercises that will engage your motor reflexes of the brain, ultimately boosting your functional strength.

Small class sizes

Our trainers ensure you are in a safe and nurturing environment. They always correct your techniques, suggesting the best way to workout. We keep small class sizes for providing quality training and give each of the students enough attention.

Gym for the entire family

We provide a variety of classes for all ages. You may visit various lessons together with your kids or other members of the family. Engage your child in activities by a good example. To get children interested in sports, parents must get involved in sports themselves. Only by your example children will get the right attitude to sports and get carried away by it. In our gym, kids are always with professional instructors and safe. The minimum age for kids is 3 (three) years old. Contact our team and get full information about this. Kids 5-18 years old are available to visit a broad spectrum of our classes.

Be in shape with dancing!

Fitness is not only about some challenging exercises and stretching. AirGym.Family offers a variety of dance classes. Dancing helps to get to know your body better, develop flexibility, and liberate yourself. Moreover, it is an effective method for losing weight. If you are not very fond of carrying iron in a fitness club, dance classes are a great way to have fun and useful.

Move higher! Aerial arts are available on Samui

If you are bored with traditional fitness, try a new kind of exercising and keeping in shape.
Aerial arts fuses flexibility exercises, pilates based core moves, strength training, balancing, posture work to help create new brain-body connections. These classes are for people who are looking for something outside of the typical gym workout. 
To stay fit, to use it as a great body conditioning in addition to your weight or cardio workouts. 
Aerial arts allows for the freedom for different body types, personality types, and different levels of challenge for reviving or restoration. Aerial arts have a particular focus on 3-dimensional movement, conditioning, joint rotation, and mobility.

Qualified highly specialized instructors and teachers

Our instructors and teachers have a wide range of knowledge and skills. Each of them knows the fundamentals of anatomy, physiology, nutritional science. They have your own large exercise base and tailor unique programs for each class. Also, they understand the planning of the training process, pedagogy, and learning psychology. 

We welcome all levels & ages

We are focused on the results and progress of our students of any age.
Take your fitness adventure up a notch with us, literally, and join our healthy and happy family!


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