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We welcome to our dance classes students of all ages: adults and teenagers from 10 years old.
For younger students, we have kids dance classes as separate groups.
Get fit and have fun, dance with us!

Ballet Fit
Lady Style
High Heels
Street Dance
Exotic Dance
R&B Choreography
Magic Mike
Posture & Movement
Dance Foundation

Dancing gives a positive charge of emotions, cheers up, increases self-esteem, and self-confidence.  Besides, dances are among the most effective ways to lose weight, helping burn calories, strengthen muscles, and tone the body. By dancing, you can easily maintain your training discipline and motivation.

It’s not just a routine sport. It’s a pleasure!

Absolutely all types of dances classes contribute to weight loss and help fit well if they practice them regularly. It might be Zumba, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, lady style, aerial arts, or pole dancing. No matter! 

If you love dancing and want to lose weight, then you are in luck. Dancing is the perfect strategy for losing weight and improving your figure.


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