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Five dance styles to support you in losing weight

Dancing helps to get to know your body better, develop coordination, and liberate yourself. Moreover, it is an effective method for losing weight. If you are not very fond of carrying iron in a fitness club, dance classes are a great way to have fun and useful.

So, what dance styles should you look for to lose weight?


It is the most beneficial dance for health. Hip-hop is the most mobile dance direction – activity makes up 57% of the total class time. The rest of the course is usually devoted to stretching, passive exercises, or listening to music. 


It is a fun workout, which has recently become more and more popular. This dance includes elements of fitness and aerobic activity. Such training is so intense that it is quite possible to lose up to 600 kcal in one hour of exercise. If it is not for you to drag heavy dumbbells from place to place – Zumba training is always a lot of fun.

Pole dance

It will not only help you lose weight but also make your body more flexible. And even if you are not friends with stretching, it doesn’t matter. The first couple of months of training is wholly devoted to developing flexibility and strength. During pole dancing classes, all the previously not used muscles, even during the most exhausting workouts, are “turned on.”

Lady Style Dance

A Lady Style dance class is a boundless grace and seductive moves. These classes are based on such styles as jazz-funk, dance hall vogue, and floor exotic. Lady style dance is also a great way to develop your coordination, increase self-esteem, and a new way of expressing yourself, and of course, lose weight.

Ballet Fit

Ballet Fit develops outstanding balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination, not to mention endurance. The intense, aerobic part of ballet classes for sure helps weight loss. Try it and get to work muscles of your body you’ve never appropriately used before.