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For Kids, Toddlers, and Teens

We provide a variety of most popular and fun kids classes worldwide, led by professional teachers. We offer dance, sports, and aerial arts classes. Students will indeed find the style they’ll enjoy.

Support your children to become flexible, healthy, and coordinated from a young age.
Youngest students accepted from 3 years old onwards.



If you’ve got a kid who loves to listen to the music and can’t stop moving to the beat, then we’ve got something for you there. We’ll introduce your child to a variety of dance styles. Our dance classes for kids provide a foundation in dance technique and follow a progressive skill growth path to help develop a love of dance & performance!

Aerial arts

Kids Aerial arts classes promote better balance, boost confidence, and offer children a new sense of courage and strength. It’s extraordinary to see kids build a wide variety of skills that they didn’t have before exploring dance & cirque movement basics. And besides, it’s entertaining to climb up and down the apparatus and an incredible feeling of flying.

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How to do sports with the whole family?

Sport is healthy. Involving your family in the sport makes your relations stronger.
It could be that moment that is united all family by a shared hobby.
So, how can you make your loved ones’ lifestyle more active? Here is you will see few ideas how to involve kids and your relatives to the sport.