Toddler Dance Classes For 3 to 5-Year-Olds

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Toddler Dance Classes For 3 to 5-Year-Olds

Are you wondering what kind of fun and enriching activity to put your son or daughter in? Are you looking for dance lessons for your toddler? The 3-5-Year-Old Ballet and Zumba dance class is a perfect choice!

Dance Benefits for Toddlers

Dance classes for toddlers have a lot of benefits. AirGym Family offers 3 to 5-years-old kids ballet and Zumba dance classes. These two simple dance classes have various advantages. From simple stretches to dancing foundation steps. Your child will get a dance education, all while having a fun time!

Increase Vocabulary

Dance class is one of the places for kids to learn words for the human body. As a dancer learns the names of body parts, toddlers will begin to use them together with dance verbs, such as stretch, bend, wiggle, scoop, twist, etc.

Strength and Flexibility

Dance helps your kids learn how to become flexible safely.

Every class stretches increase hip and inner-thigh flexibility. 

The strength and flexibility offered through dance class will help your toddler stay healthy. These benefits are invaluable, whether your kid plans to take dance classes for many years or play sports or other athletic activities. There are, however, additional benefits of preschool ballet classes that aren’t visible—ones that build inner strength.

Discipline and Respect

It will likely be the first time your toddler will be introduced to an authority figure who isn’t a parent. A dance instructor is a good friend to have on your team while teaching your dancer lessons about discipline and self-control.


Dance classes build up confidence through positive reinforcement. Our teachers will create many opportunities to increase your dancer’s self-confidence while learning Ballet and Zumba. Many toddlers can’t even make eye contact when they start taking classes. Only a few months later, they will come out of their shells and build strong relationships that can only form with a healthy dose of self-confidence.


The 3-5-Year-Old Ballet and Zumba classes here at AirGym.Family is perfect for your child! No matter if your toddler seems to be outgoing or timid, he or she will have a blast in this class. After only a few weeks of taking a Dance class, each student is always eager for the toddler dancing to begin, and everyone will leave the classroom with a smile.

Our toddler dance classes set the foundation for our upper-level dance lessons, such as gymnastics, acrobatics, ballet, contemporary dance, and hip hop dance classes. Youngsters learn dance room etiquette and develop exemplary behavior within a few short weeks so that class becomes about dance and creativity, not “running wild.”

The 3-5-Year-Old Ballet and Zumba class is the perfect toddler activity for your preschooler or kindergartner.

We are so excited that you are considering AirGym.Family for your child’s dance lessons!

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