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What is the difference between Aerial Sling and Yoga Fly?

Aerial Sling is a type of aerial arts uses a hammock to learn acrobatics and dance moves.

Yoga Fly uses a hammock to strengthen and stretch the body through a flow of yoga poses

Is there any weight restriction or age limit to join Pole or Aerial arts classes?

Our Poles, rigging system and aerial apparatus are regularly checked and can take up to 300kg for poles and 1 (one) tonne for aerial apparatus.

For your comfort all age requirements are mentioned in classes descriptions and our schedule.
There is no maximum age but we do recommend older students to start with medium intensity classes such as flexibility, fit ball and yoga fly classes.

Do I have to be strong or flexible to join pole or aerial arts classes?

No, our classes are structured to help you take the first step and enjoy your experience. We see progressions in those who attend classes regularly. For those who are active or already flexible, our instructors are more than happy to challenge you to advance to the next level. Our classes are multi-level, there is something for everyone to work on.

What is the attire?

For your comfort we have created a list of recommended dress code so students can wear suitable attire to any class provided.

How do I book classes?

Visit the page Booking or download the AirGym App.

What facilities do you have in the

We have:

  • 3 air-conditioned training zones
  • 2 waiting rooms for friends, parents and students who are waiting for their next class
  • 3 toilets
  • 3 shower rooms

Complimentary Fresh cold and hot water on every floor.

Yoga mats are available. You are welcome to bring your own mats if you prefer.

Please bring a towel as well to the class.

What classes can I attend during the pregnancy period?

Before attending any classes please consult with your doctor. If there are no medical contraindications you are welcome to attend any of mid-intensity classes such as FBW, stretching, ballet fit, DFD, aerial yoga.

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