AirGym.Family Pole and Aerial Arts Safety Policy

  1. We insist on a mastery of basic skills before progressing to skills requiring more strength, endurance, stability, and understanding. Students must strictly adhere to the level progression and may not learn or practice skills above their level.
  2. Students must be able to execute a pose or sequence with strength, control, and proper body positioning before progressing to a more difficult skill.
  3. Students must strictly adhere to the working heights specified to their level.
    Beginner level starts low to the ground while students’ bodies and minds adapt to the new movements. Students will only be allowed to work at greater heights when they can safely execute the skill (with control) many times low to the ground first.
  4. Students are not allowed under any circumstances to teach other students or anyone else, any movement, pose, sequence, or skill. This is also known as skill-trading or skill-sharing and is strictly prohibited.
  5. Students must get instructor’s approval before practicing skills that were not taught to them by
  6. Students are not allowed to practice anything that they learned off YouTube or Instagram. If a student wants to learn a skill that they saw on the internet , they can email the link to their instructor and ask their instructor to teach it during class. The instructor will evaluate whether the skill is appropriate for the student’s level, and will teach it accordingly.
  7. Students must respect the teacher and other students at all times.
  8. Students may not be under the influence of alcohol, any illegal drugs, or any prescription or over-the-counter drugs that affect their focus and concentration.
  9. Unsupervised practice is strictly forbidden at all facilities.
  10. Students must respect their bodies. They are responsible for listening to their bodies, and not pushing them past safe working limits. Late nights, drinking, illness, stress, injury, and monthly cycles can all affect a student’s strength and stamina. Be aware that your ability to safely execute sequences may vary daily.
  11. Warm-up properly to avoid pulling or straining muscles.