Kids: Aerial Classes

Aerial Sling

This apparatus was developed from aerial silks.
Currently, the most popular class for all ages, kids, and grown-ups love it!
It is a long fabric hanging from the ceiling, hung as a single piece, folded to make a loop.
Essential benefits for young athletes:

– Aerial sling promotes motor planning and working memory while engaging in the poses.

– It helps to develop focusing as every move, body placement on the hammock is very important to perform exercises.

– Real panacea for busy-scheduled kids, the aerial sling is a total all-in-one workout that combines all aspects of sports, dance, and a strong character building.

This class is more accessible for beginners as students have back support and only partially use their body weight.
Students learn various poses and moves at the beginner level, combos, and simple drops


  • Minimal age: 7 years old
  • Maximum age: no limits
  • Experience: all levels

Only kids with previous experience in the following classes are accepted to the class:

Arm Balance
Rhythmic Gymnastics


Jointhe class

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