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5 Facts About Aerial Acrobatics

It is so cool flying in the air using almost nothing but your own strength and technique. Aerial Acrobatics is exciting and getting more and more popular!

Aerial Arts are not only about silks and sling!

In a circus, the term “Aerial” refers to performance on some apparatus hung from the ceiling. Typically these apparatus are rope, Hoop or Lyra, Trapeze, but can include all sorts of fun and exciting things. Cubes, rings, chandeliers, etc., can all be used and fit nicely under the term “Aerial.”

Aerial silks are not actually made of silk.

There are two broad categories of aerial silks: stretch and non-stretch, with some variation in between. All aerial fabrics should have at least a 2-way horizontal extent. They are made of polyester-lycra or nylon tricot. In terms of the technical thickness of the fabric weave, 40 denier is the norm.

It’s not easy, and it is.

Performing aerial acrobatics requires significant fitness and strength. This is one of the reasons why people are flocking to gyms to learn. It’s an incredible workout! This one, though, requires much more discipline than, say, weight lifting. As a result, “conditioning” classes have started to become more popular. They focus on increasing your fitness level to practice aerial arts safely and have fun at the same time.

Everybody is Welcome

In fact, you have the body type to do aerial arts … yes, you do! Appreciating what is uniquely beautiful about an individual is at the heart of the performance. You don’t need a specific shape, or size, or color, or whatever. Everything that you need is training and practice. That said, Aerial Arts do take a certain amount of dedication and training. I mean, you can’t expect to just be able to do some kind of tricks in the first class.

Men Do Aerial

Aerial is a type of sport that is utterly unrelated to gender. Moreover, men can perform many harder tricks and longer than most trained women due to men’s physical strength.