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Evolution of fitness. From 1980 to 2020

As a person whose whole lives have been involved in sports and fitness, I see fitness evolution during the time.

In 1980ich years, the most popular sport was aerobics. I think you remember these dancing ladies and gents on TV-screens. That was the terrific popularity of the sport. The sport starts to be an industry. I’m sure you remember funny men’s outfits, and the female aerobics uniform was more than a little bit tacky.

After, there was a boom in the popularity of gyms. They popped up everywhere! Almost every basement had a gym.  It was around 1990ich. Nearly every boy had at home a poster with Arnold Schwarzenegger either Sylvester Stallone. Big bicepses have become a trend. People thought that having big puffed muscles is equivalent to being stronger.

After in around 2000ich yoga came. Flexibility and healthy life for everyone. People understand that having big biceps is not for everyone. Slender and well-built people keep their bodies in good condition doing yoga and Pilates training. Do you know that one in three people have tried yoga at least once? The number of yoga schools, teachers, and trainers has grown exponentially!

Around 2010, people realized that they could combine all sports in CrossFit. It is the way to be active, get some fun, and keep comprehensively developed. These people didn’t use extremely heavyweights. They wanted not to look but to be functionally robust. 

But Crossfit had few Cons as not suitable for beginners and too intense, causing injuries if not performed correctly. And there was a lack of flexibility training, and in general, no proper warm-ups included.

So, now in 2020ich is the beginning of a decade of aerial arts and calisthenics gyms. Now people understand they can become strong from doing body-weights exercises. Calisthenics could be called the next generation of CrossFit and the next step of fitness evolution. At the moment, Aerial Arts and Calisthenics is the perfect combination of everything: weight training, dance, flexibility, and cardio. So you can call it all-in-one.