Kids Camp 2021

Parent Handbook & Policies

Would you please read thoroughly and contact the AirGym.Family for any questions you may have.

Packages and payments for Summer Camp fees:

  • Daily attendance at the rate of 1,200 baht with lunch and snacks included
  • Weekly package at the rate of 5,000 baht for five days with lunch and snacks included
  • Monthly package at the rate of 18,000 baht for four weeks with attendance Monday to Friday with lunch and snacks included 

*** accommodation at Anantara Lawana is not included

Booking policy

  • Please confirm the presence as early as possible, but at the latest 24 hours before the planned day of attendance, participants signed up later might not be able to jump in.
  • Participants can upgrade their packages throughout the event. Please inform Airgym.Family if you would like to do so. 
  • In case of unpredictable sickness, please inform Airgym.Family immediately

 Attendance policy and Behavior Guidelines

To provide a safe, positive environment for all campers and staff, we have the following attendance policy and behavior guidelines: 

  1. Kindly arrive on time for the camp.
  2. For safety considerations, groups may be limited based on space and availability of equipment.
  3. Please always have a fresh sports towel, sunscreen, and a hat, cap, or bandana to cover the head.
  4. If you have any health concerns, please consult a physician before attending.
  5. Please be respectful towards the teachers and fellow participants by adhering to the routine of the program. Be respectful to the environment.
  6. Follow the teachers’ lead. Any injuries caused by neglecting the teacher’s commands and/or not informing us about any health issues/medical conditions will be the camper’s sole responsibility and AirGym.Family will not be liable for such cases.
  7. Participants are responsible for the security and safety of their personal belongings at all times.
  8. Please come dressed in appropriate attire. Comfortable clothes and a swimming suit are a must!
  9. Honesty will be the basis for all relationships and interactions.
  10. All campers must have health insurance, covering any accidents that might happen on the territory of Thailand.
  11. No outside food or drinks are allowed on Anantara Lawana premises unless campers have some special foods or beverages prescripted by a physician.


We use preventative discipline techniques such as proper program planning, positive verbal communication, and the setting of an appropriate emotional tone in each group. Each child will be cared for, and disciplinary techniques will be used, which apply to the child’s age level. These techniques will foster positive self-esteem and encourage the eventual internalization of self-control. The following progressive disciplinary procedures will be employed in this order: 

  1. Staff will redirect the camper to more appropriate behavior
  2.  If inappropriate behavior continues, the camper will be reminded of behavior guidelines and camp rules. The camper will be asked to decide on action steps to correct his/her 
  3. Staff will document the situation and inappropriate behavior. A note will be sent home to the parents of the camper.
  4. If the situation is not resolved and the behavior continues, the camper will be suspended or expelled from the camp as a final action step with no refund for booked days.

Unacceptable behavior

  1. Refusing to follow the behavior guidelines or camp rules 
  2. Using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity
  3. Stealing or damaging property
  4. Disrupting the program 
  5. Leaving the program without permission 
  6. Endangering the health and safety of campers and/or staff *Physical violence towards another camper or staff member will result in immediate dismissal from the camp program with no refund for booked days.

Emergency procedures

In the event a camper is hurt in any way, the parents will be notified immediately for severe or potentially severe cases (head injury, excessive bleeding, broken limb, seizure, etc.), or at the end of the day for non-serious injuries/incidents (anything out of the ordinary or if the camper is not acting like him/herself). 

In all cases, a written report will be shared with the parent/guardian by the end of the day.

Illness policy for sick children

  • Airgym.Family should be informed if your child is receiving any medication or treatment.
  • Any unusual findings will be documented and shared with you by the camp organizer. 
  • Your child may be excluded from the program if he or she appears ill. And all remaining days will be rescheduled to the next event.
  • Our policy is to temporarily exclude children from care who may be infectious or demonstrate physical symptoms that require continual one-to-one care. 

Guidelines for excluding sick children

  • Fever over 37 degrees Celsius
  • Recurring vomiting
  •  Diarrhea (more than three times)
  • Eye discharge
  • Excessive cough and/or nasal discharge
  • Any unidentified rash

Occasionally, a written note from the child’s physician may be required for a child to be readmitted. Parents are required to notify the AirGym.Family if their child will not be in attendance on a scheduled day. Suppose your child becomes ill while at the camp, we will contact you by telephone. We would like you to have sick children picked up within one hour of the phone call. Parents should have an alternate plan of action for child care to cover these situations. 


All medication, including ointment, sunscreen, bug spray, aspirins, dietary supplements, or individual special medical procedures, will be administered to the child only with prior written permission from the parent. All medication must be in the original container. 


AirGym.Family maintains all records securely and confidentially. However, when we have reason to believe that a child’s welfare is at risk, we will share confidential information with other agencies and individuals who have legal responsibility for intervening in the child’s interest. Disclosure of children’s records beyond family members, program personnel, and consultants, having an obligation of confidentiality, shall require familial consent (except in cases of child abuse and/or neglect). 


Whether a parent is concerned about the care a child receives or a staff member has concerns about the needs of a particular child, or a child indicates through behavior that they have needs that are not being met, parents or staff have the right to request a parent/ staff conference. If a solution is not found or a problem persists, the AirGym.Family will be consulted. If a resolution is still not met, an outside consulting agency may be included. In all cases, the final decision rests with the AirGym.Family

Bad/severe weather

Camp is held rain or shine. Many fun-filled activities are planned for rainy days. We ask that campers come prepared every day with appropriate gear. On sweltering days, campers are consistently encouraged to drink water, and more aquatic-based activities are held. For severe weather, our staff members are trained in emergency procedures. If a tornado or flood warning has been issued during camp, the campers will be brought directly to designated areas inside the Anantara Lawana facilities. 


We will conduct emergency procedure drills (tornado warnings, floods, waterfront emergency, and lost camper) in an emergency.

If AirGym.Family can’t provide their service due to unpredictable circumstances. All remaining days will be rearranged for the next scheduled Summer camp. We provide no refunds.

If the camper leaves Samui/ Thailand before their scheduled days have been used, there is no refund. The participant has the choice of passing on their remaining days to a friend or family member.