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You will get

After visiting our classes

Less pain

Your body functions better once you work on lengthening and opening your muscles. When your muscles and tendons are less tense, you’ll experience fewer aches and pains.

Better sleep

Our classes trigger chemicals in the brain that can make you feel happier and relaxed, and it is promoting a good night’s sleep.

Improved posture and core

With increasing muscular flexibility and strength, your posture improves. Working out your body allows you to have proper alignment and correct any imbalances.

Fewer injuries

Developing strength and flexibility, you’ll be able to withstand more physical stress. Plus, you will be well-coordinated and balanced, and it will reduce the chance of getting injured during physical activities.

Increased confidence

By exercising frequently, small, incremental achievements can improve personal confidence throughout some period, giving you the ability to take on new projects.

Reduced stress

Your mind gets a chance to unplug from the daily stresses and strains of life when you are physically active. Fitness reduces the stress hormones in your body and stimulates the release of endorphins.

Improve your feeling!

And we will help you to choose a class

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AirGym.Family is the first professional aerial and fitness center for the entire family. We provide a variety of lessons for all ages and personal goals. Many of our courses can be attended together with kids or other members of the family.

Our classes

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Aerial Silks & Sling
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Aerial Yoga
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Fit Ball
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Contemporary Dance
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Ballet Fit Dance
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Lady Style Dance
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Full Body Workout
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Pole Sport & Dance

Let’s choose your class

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Price for one class

Starts from 200 thb

You can use your membership for you and your family together

We are not a simple gym!

When people hear the word “fitness,” the first thoughts are about sports, a healthy body, nutrition, and the gym! Gym with machines, heavy equipment, dumbbells, and barbells.

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All our classes and exercises use only bodyweight. They consist of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups. It has been a significant fitness component in athletics and daily fitness workouts without equipment. Using bodyweight exercises fewer risks of injuries compared to training with extra weights.

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Always with instructors

All kinds of calisthenic exercises you can do at home, without any problem. But you have to know how to do that correctly. Better to get the right techniques for practices and improve their levels with professional trainers. That’s why each training in AirGym.Family goes with a qualified instructor, and your workout will be more efficient. No more worrying about which exercises to do, are you doing the exercise correctly, or even how many reps and sets to do. And also, instructors motivate you to attend regularly and follow up on your progress.

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Small class sizes

Our trainers ensure you are in a safe and nurturing environment. They always correct your techniques, suggesting the best way to workout. We keep small class sizes for providing quality training and give each of the students enough attention.