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How to support kids in choosing the right activities

Think about your child’s interests and natural abilities. If you were the star football player or a prima ballerina, you probably have dreams of your child following in your footsteps and choosing the same sport or extracurricular activities. These dreams might come true—or not. Try to really “see” your child. What does she or he want to do? What are her/his natural gifts? Parental expectations that don’t match with a child’s true self can cause a lot of grief for both parent and child. 

What do you want your child to gain from an activity? Do you like these activities to help build friendships, physical condition, self-esteem, work ethic? Many different types of extracurricular activities develop these abilities. For example, gymnastics and Aerial Arts are excellent forms of exercise for children who don’t love team sports. On the other hand, if communication is an integral part of kids’ activity, you can choose some dance classes.

Try new activities and sports. Kids usually settled on a few sports or extracurricular activities that they excel in, but don’t force this process too quickly. The early years are an excellent time for children to explore a variety of activities. Try several sports, and kids will get their own real experience about each of them. Through experimentation, parents can help children find the activities that they are passionate about.