Foam Roller Exercises

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Foam Roller Exercises

Trying one time this you will not go to the massage! Foam Roller Massage you can do at home. Save this post and keep doing roller exercises as you each day routine.

1. Hamstrings

Position the roller underneath your hamstrings.

Lift your body up, then your weight is resting on the roll. Start to slowly roll up and down between the back of your knees and your glutes.

2. Glutes

Sit on the roller with it placed at the top of your bottom. Place your hands on the floor for stability and cross one leg over the opposite knee—rollback and forth along the buttock.

3. Quads

Lie on your front, resting on your forearms with both thighs on the roll. Use your arms to move your body back and forth, rolling from just above your knee to just below your pelvis. To target one leg, take the other one off the roll. To increase pressure, cross your legs, so all your body-weight is on one leg.

4. IT bands

To tackle your iliotibial (IT) bands, rest on your side with the roll located just below your pelvis. Roll all the way down your thigh till you reach the knee. Stack the opposite leg on top to increase the pressure.

5. Lower Back

Rest on your back with your feet positioned on the floor. Place the foam roll between the ground and your lower back. Tense your abs and press into your feet while you lift your hips and roll along your lower back. Add to the intensity by pressing your lower back towards the ground

6. Calves

Sit down with your hands on the ground, carrying your weight. And the backs of your lower legs pushing on the roller. Start just above the ankle and roll up to just below your knee. Begin by rolling both legs, then cross your legs over to target one at a time.