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Self-massage with a tennis ball

The basic idea of tennis ball massage is to apply specific pressure to a stiff or aching spot in a muscle by trapping it between your body and something else: usually the floor, a wall, etc. The point is to use the ball to reach spots that you simply can’t get to with your hands, and every other kind of tool massage is a variation on this theme.

It is, in fact, similar to foam rolling but more precise.

Tennis ball massage is usually the most useful in the shoulders, arms, back, and the hips’ muscles: places where you can lie down on the tennis ball, pinching it between your body and the floor or wall. 

The goal of tennis ball massage is to achieve a “release” by applying just the right amount of pressure: enough to do some good, but not enough to irritate your nervous system. The sensation should be clear and strong and satisfying, what we call “good pain.” If the pain is too intense, we suggest you start with the foam roller. 

In the video, you can see several muscle spots that this can be used for. 

Important note: Foam roller or tennis ball self-massage is the type of massage used for relatively healthy individuals to relax tense muscles after a workday or workout. If you have any previous injuries or medical contraindications, please consult with the specialist before starting any self-massage type.